Nice 1989 Buckeye Meadowbrook  

 Reduced: was $1200, now $1000

Located in Richmond, MA 01254

Large pony /Cob size - VERY lightly used on Haflinger

Always stored and well maintained.

Shafts are not bent up, so it was stored properly. This is very nice vehicle made back when the time was taken to make the shaft dimensions finer than they are generally made today. Nicely striped in black. No scrathes or dings. The brass needs polishing and the leathers need some conditining or replacement but there is not much needed to return this vehicle to show condition. 


Contact: Jeff Morse 413-822-9462

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Clean Runningbrook Road Cart

 $1500 (Save $800 List price: $2137) ~  Located in Richmond, MA 01254

Very well kept, almost like new, used mostly for shows.

 42" wheels, 74" shafts, 26" between shafts; Vinyl upholstery, Patten Dash, brass rein rail, brass whip holder, flush hubs with brass hub caps.  Adjustable seat for a well balanced ride. Stained. Will fit 14.2 to 15+h horses, Nothing but polish needed to go in the show ring!

Contact: Jeff Morse 413-822-9462

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Bit not included with the bridle. 

This photo is for reference only. The harness is just like this.

Smucker's  Super Deluxe Pleasure Harness 

This is an elegant black leather carriage driving harness with brass fittings and all hand stitched keepers, using the same format as the Smucker's Deluxe Harness but with more workmanship. The condition is excellent and was only worn a couple of times on a 15.+ Hand Morgan gelding before the owner stopped driving.

This harness currently retails for $2985. Asking $1900

Contact: Jeff Morse 413-822-9462

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